Hanoi Workshop: Workshop on Preparing Detailed Research Design

Workshop on Preparing Detailed Research Design [Hanoi, Vietnam]

Vietnam Academy of Water Resources Headquater, Hanoi.

20 to 22nd May, 2015


For millions of people across Southeast Asia, water resources are inextricably linked to local livelihoods and wellbeing, agricultural production and food security, and local economies. Water resources are also linked to large-scale development plans, including for irrigation and hydropower development. The “Capacity Building and Professional Development of Water Governance and Regional  Development Practitioners in the Mekong, Salween and Red river basins (MK31, 32 and 33)” project will strengthen the capacity for undertaking research and policy engagement of scholars and practitioners of water, land and energy use, management and governance in the Red, Mekong and Salween river basins. A particular cross-cutting focus of the project is research on gender and other forms of social marginalization. It also intends to build a learning community amongst these scholars and practitioners.

The project will achieve this through a 16-month mentored fellowship program for 12 research fellows from each river basin.  Each research fellow will produce timely and needed research, and share their findings with government officials, researchers, civil society, community representatives and the private sector relevant to their particular research project including through producing a conference paper, a policy brief and two blogs, and joining a policy-relevant international conference or seminar. At least four research fellows’ projects from each river basin will focus principally on gender. The capacity of research fellows will also be strengthened through mentorship, as well as joining workshops for the fellows and “water governance curriculum” training organized by the consortium partners. Eight research fellows from each river basin will be invited to extend their fellowships to produce a book chapter or academic paper based on their research.

Workshop objectives

  • For research fellows and project staff to meet and get to know each other
  • For research fellows to refine research questions and objectives based on WLE’s concept
  • For research fellows to produce a detailed research design, based on the fellowship application
  • For research fellows to understand the administrative arrangements for the project, including narrative and financial reporting and relationship with mentor and buddy mentor

Logistic note_International Workshop of MK 31,32,33
Agenda of Hanoi Workshop

Workshop Presentations

1. Budget and workplan
2. Duong_Research_Question_PDF
3. Geheb VN Presentation 1
4. Geheb VN presentation 2
5. Geheb VN presentation 3
6. Manorom_research design and methods_PDF
7. Manorom_Role of mentors_PDF
8. MIddleton_Brief Introduction to MK31, 32 and 33_PDF
9. Middleton_Budget and workplan_PDF
10. Middleton_Framing Your Research_PDF
12. Middleton_Introduction to Writeshop design_PDF
13. Middleton_The Research Design report_PDF
14. roles of mentors
15. Sample Budget -MK31 and MK32 only_PDF

Photo gallery:

IMG_4605 IMG_4511 IMG_4507 IMG_4503 IMG_4365 IMG_4395 IMG_4407 IMG_4849 IMG_4620 IMG_4713 IMG_4621 IMG_4806IMG_4809IMG_4831IMG_4838IMG_4878IMG_4884IMG_4912IMG_4924IMG_4929IMG_4938

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