Bangkok Workshop: Workshop for Research Finding Analysis and Conference Paper Writing

April 1 – 3, 2016
At Faculty of Political Sciences, Chulalonglorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


For millions of people across Southeast Asia, water resources are inextricably linked to local livelihoods and wellbeing, agricultural production and food security, and local economies. Water resources are also linked to large-scale development plans, including for irrigation and hydropower development. The “Capacity Building and Professional Development of Water Governance and Regional Development Practitioners in the Mekong, Salween and Red river basins (MK31, 32 and 33)” project is working to strengthen the capacity for undertaking research and policy engagement of scholars and practitioners of water, land and energy use, management and governance in the Red, Mekong and Salween river basins. A particular cross-cutting focus of the project is research on gender and other forms of social marginalization. It also intends to build a learning community amongst these scholars and practitioners.

Through the16-month mentored fellowships, 12-13 research fellows from each river basin are working to produce timely and needed research. Their work is intended to be shared with government officials, researchers, civil society, community representatives and the private sector relevant to their particular research project. To this end, it is intended that the research help inform policy and practice.

The fellowships are now 10 months complete, and the fellows have almost completed their data collection and now moving towards data analysis and preparation for producing various written materials including: a conference paper; a research report; and a policy brief. Our first workshop in Hanoi in June 2015 addressed the theme of preparing a detailed research design. The second workshop in Ubon Ratchathani focused on field study and data analysis. The focus of the third and final workshop, to be held in Bangkok, is on research finding analysis and conference paper writing.

Workshop objectives

  • Support fellows’ analysis of data collected in their fieldwork
  • Support fellows’ preparation of a conference paper that will highlight the main research findings (to be presented at the WLE Forum in November 2016)
  • Advise fellows on the remaining period of the fellowship, including the production of the research report, policy brief, and second blog

Materials (will be updated more later)

Workshop Agenda
Workshop Logistic Note

Gender in research By Dr.Kanokwan Manorom