MK32 Fellows


1. Soimart Rungmanee

IMG_5018 Country:        Thailand
 Position:       Lecturer
 Organization:   Thammasat University
 Research Title: Mapping the fish commodity chain in the Mekong River
                 Basin and the effects from fish decline: a case study
                 from Northeast Thailand
 Category:       River food systems and food security

About me:   “I am currently a lecturer at the School of Development,Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to that, I was a project assistant at UNESCO Bangkok involving in the project “Indigenous People in the Protected Areas in the Andaman Sea” and “the Rehabilitation of the Sea-gypsies in theAndaman Sea after the Tsunami”. Between 2007 and 2008, I joined UNDP Thailand and assisted the Task Force on “Mobility and HIV/AIDS Vulnerability inMekong Sub-region.”  

               In 2008, I joined Thammasat University. I obtained a Thai government scholarship to conduct PhD studies at the University of Sydney in 2009. In 2014, I obtainedmy PhD and returned to work for Thammasat University. My expertise lies in the intersections of rural sociology, ethnic studies, community development, community based disaster management, and sociology of development.”

2. Serey Sok

 Country:        Cambodia
 Position:       Senior Lecturer
 Organization:   Royal University of Phnom Penh
 Research Title: Public participation and livelihood development among
                 Cham people in fishery management in the riverine 
                 rural communities of the Lower Mekong Basin, Cambodia
 Category:       Gender and Social Justice, Water Governance
 About me:

3. Nguyen Phuong Le

 Country:        Vietnam
 Position:       Senior Lecturer
 Organization:   Department of Agricultural Economics and Policies,
                 Faculty of Economics and Rural Development,
                 Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vietnam.
 Research Title: Farmers’ coping strategy with water scarcity for
                 coffee production in Central Highland of Vietnam:
                 A case study in Cư M’gar district, Dak Lak province
 Category:       Water governance
 About me:

 4. Surasom Krisnachuta

 Country:        Thailand
 Position:       Lecturer
 Organization:   Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University
 Research Title: The Case Study of Hua Na Dam Affected Village
 Category:       Gender and Social Justice
 About me:

5. Suon Siny

 Country:        Cambodia
 Position:       Researcher (Gender and Livelihood)
 Organization:   Center for Development Oriented Research in
                 Agriculture and Livelihood Systems (CENTDOR)
 Research Title: Challenges and spaces for community women in the
                 proposed mega water development project: Case study
                 on Sambour Hydro-Power Development Project,
                 Kratie Province, Cambodia
 Category:       Gender and Social Justice

About me:  Cambodia is a country of great gender inequalities, embedded in the country’s history and culture. Experiencing few decades of severe human right violation especially on women and children, Cambodia with the support from international community has laws and policies to protect women’s rights and safeguard their status within society. However, gender landscape is not much changing.
        To contribute to the promotion of gender equality and women rights in Cambodia, I am interested in investigating the Khmer-feminist and how it shapes the Cambodian society. In addition, my research project sets out to understand why this is and to reinforce and strengthen the application of laws and policies that protect women’s right and promote gender equality in Cambodia society.”

6. Oulavanh Keovilignavong

 Country:        Lao
 Position:       Postdoctoral Fellow
 Organization:   IWMI (International Water Management Institute)
 Research Title: Impacts of mining on local livelihoods and
                 marginalization of women in Pek district, Lao PDR
 Category:       Water Governance and Gender and social justice

About me:    “At IWMI, I am working on the characterization of private sector actors in the Mekong River Basin, which aims to build a better understanding on the interactions between the private sector actors and the resources sector to policy makers from both national and regional governments and also international agencies.
                  For MK32, I look at how existing institutional arrangement with regard to mining practices affect local community’s access to natural resources crucial for sustaining their livelihoods. I also focus on how men and women shape and reshape their livelihoods strategies to adapt with environmental changes imposed by mining.”

 7. Nguyen Thi Hai Ninh

 Country:        Vietnam
 Position:       Postdoctoral Fellow
 Organization:   Department of Natural Resources and Environmental
                 Economics, Faculty of Economics and Rural Development
                 Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vietnam
 Research Title: Water Quality Management for Aquaculture Production
                 at Farm Households in Mekong Delta: A Case Study in
                 Thot Not District, Can Tho Province of Vietnam
 Category:       Water Governance
 About me:

 8. Le Thi Huong Loan

 Country:        Vietnam
 Position:       Lecturer and Researcher
 Organization:   Quangtri Campus of Hue University
 Research Title: Participation of rural women in decision-making
                 structure over water use in Vietnam at river basin
                 and local levels: A case study of Thu Bon River Basin
 Category:       Water Governance and Gender and Social Justice

About me: “I used to be a lecturer for the Hue college of Economics for over ten years. At present, I work for the QuangtriCampus of Hue university. As a economic lecturer, I have gained lots of invaluablechances in improving my personal and social skills.My expertiseincludes Sustainable development, Rural development, Development Project Formulation and Analysis studies.”

9. Saitharn Idsala
 Country:        Lao
 Position:       Empliyed
 Organization:   Self-Employed
 Research Title: Mekong river based livelihood strategic of women in
                 Siphandorn Island Mekong river in Siphandorn area
                 Champasack, southern Laos. 
 Category:       Gender and Social Justice

 About me: “I major was Environmental Studies University of Laos. In 2012, I studied at School Mekong of Earth Rights International alumni in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Currently,  I have a part time work with CLICK, my tasks are implementor and coordinator of Thai Baan research project. In additional, my job and my research project contribute to villiagers to become researchers and empower women in my community.”

10. Jenny Lovell

 Country:        United States of America
 Position:       PhD Candidate
 Organization:   University of California Santa Cruz,California,U.S.A;                 and Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
 Research Title: Agrarian Resilience: Gender, Diversity, and Intensity                 in the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta
 Category:       Water governance
 About me:

About me:    “I am a PhD Candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz. My research interests include the gendered aspects of Sustainable Intensification. I also seek to understanding how smallholder farmers can use diversified crop systems to respond to a changing market and environment. I work in the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta, where issues of water abundance and scarcity govern the growing cycle, while social systems govern the water cycle. Through interdisciplinary research, I hope to serve the farmers that rely on the rich Mekong River Delta for their livelihoods.”

11. Nguyen Bich Ngoc

 Country:        Vietnam
 Position:       Lecturer and Researcher
 Organization:   Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam
 Research Title: Evaluate the governance of the payment for forest
                 environmental service program (PFES) towards the
                 equitable participation and benefits of women: case
                 studies in Se San river watershed in Gia Lai province
 Category:       Gender and Social Justice, Water Governance, and
                 Healthy Landscapes and Ecosystems

     About Me:  I am a lecturer at Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue city, Vietnam. I am teaching and doing researches on land management and GIS. Now, I am very keen to investigate gender issues related to roles of women in making development policy and implementation.”

12. Nguyen Thi Da Thao

 Country:        Vietnam
 Position:       Lecturer and Researcher
 Organization:   Faculty of Extension and Rural development,
                 Hue university of Agriculture and Forestry
 Research Title: Study in vulnerability and adaptation to drought of
                 ethnic minority people in Krong No river basin,
 Category:       Gender and Social Justice and Water Governance
 About me:

13. Somkhit Boulidam (Joint Fellow with Serey Sok)

 Country:        Lao
 Position:       Lecturer and Researcher
 Organization:   National University of Laos
 Research Title: 
 About me:


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